Providing content to your customers and followers can be time-consuming. You need to spend time researching, creating a well thought-out outline and putting a well-crafted article together to share it with your customers. The moment you click the publish button, you pray that the article will go viral with thousands of views.

Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. When your article doesn’t gain the traction you hoped for, you’ll probably feel completely defeated and lose your motivation to write your next piece.

This is a real struggle that most businesses face today.

In fact, this is why most businesses try to get around it by curating other people’s content to share through emails and social media.

But here’s the problem.

When you’re sharing curated content, you’re driving your potential customers to other people’s or worse, your competitors’ website for free. 

You’re essentially giving free traffic to other people.

This is often why businesses avoid sharing other people’s content, even if it is just a blog post with no selling involved because it simply does not make sense to send people free traffic without a way to monetize from it. 

We understand the challenges of content curation, which is why has created the Interstitial Pop-Up to help businesses save time on writing and still be able to monetize from sharing content.

Interstitial Pop-Up allows you share other people’s content while controlling a direct response message that leads back to your website to turn them into leads and sales for your business.

Here’s how it looks like:

In fact, to further monetize from the viral content you share, you can even drop a pixel provided by Facebook, Google, AdRoll and even Bing Ads for you to create a remarketing list from people who visited a third-party website that you don’t own!

This opens up a floodgate of opportunity for your business from eCommerce, affiliate marketing and even local businesses.

Let’s take a look at two different possibilities that you can achieve with with two different businesses.

How To Turn Viral Content To Make Affiliate Commissions

Let’s say that you want to promote an affiliate offer on ClickBank.

It is the top-performing Red Tea Detox offering that you found on Clickbank. You can first find a viral article through or do a simple search on Google and Facebook.

Once you found your article, you can shorten your link with and add an Interstitial Pop-Up to control your marketing message to drive your customers directly to the affiliate offer.

You can even amp it up by creating a post on Facebook and run a Facebook ad to it!

How To Turn Viral Content To Generate Sales For Your eCommerce Business

Let’s assume that you are dropshipping camping gears in your Shopify store and you want to get your product in-front of people who are reading articles about camping.

You found an amazing article that shares the top 10 must-haves in your camping trip and you wanted to share this with your customers.

At the same time, you want to monetize from the article you share and you have several amazing products that campers absolutely loved.

Then, all you have to do is simply shorten the article’s link with and create an Interstitial Pop-Up to promote the #1 camping gadget that all campers need to drive your customers back to your store to check out your product!

In fact, you can even create a post on Facebook and boost it through Facebook Ads to capture new customers into your business at the same time!

These are just 2 different possibilities that you can explore but the opportunities are limitless. All it requires is some creativity and that’s it!

We would love to hear how you would use our powerful Interstitial Pop-Up feature to enhance your marketing strategies! 

Share it with our community in our Facebook Group!

Now, we won’t leave you hanging. Right below, you will find the complete, step-by-step walkthrough on how to turn viral articles into a sales-generator for your business.

Step 1. Finding your viral article to share.

There are free and paid options for you to find viral articles to share with your customers and followers. The free options require some research and the paid options allow you to quickly find the hottest articles within your niche. 

Let’s start with the free options first.

1.Google Search

Turn to your best friend, Google and do a quick search on your niche. Look at the first page of the search results to find interesting articles. You may need to do a couple searches with different search terms to find a good article to share. 

2. Facebook Search

Facebook is also another great search engine. At the top of the search bar, enter the same search terms you used in Google and click on the “Links” section from the search results page.

On this page, you will find all the posts related to your search term.  Simply identify share-worthy articles by looking at the number of reactions and shares.

3. is a great website analysis tool. You can use it to find top article websites in your niche but it requires you to do some reading.

When you are in, go to the “Tools” tab from the top navigation. Click and select “Top Sites” from the drop-down menu.

Then click on the “By Category” tab to identify your niche. 

Let’s take camping as an example.

You can go to “Recreation > Outdoors” and you will see the top 50 sites within the category. Simply find a website with an article section and go through the content yourself to find the best one you want to share to your customers and followers.

The free methods can be tedious and time-consuming but they work fantastically well.

Now, if you are lazy like us and have additional budget to spare, you can use aggregates all the viral and trending articles across the internet for you to curate and share.

You can have several searches each month but afterwards you would need to pay. It is a little expensive but if you share content frequently, it is worth every penny.

Here’s a disclaimer, we are not getting compensated for talking about BuzzSumo. We just find it a very useful resource to find curated content!

Step 2. Login to your account To Shorten Your Link

After you have found the article that you want to share, you login into your account.

If you do not have a account, you can sign up for a free 14 day trial by clicking here!

Once you’re logged into, simply copy and paste the URL that you wanted to share into the shorten link field to shorten it.

Step 3. Enabling Interstitial Pop-Up

Once your link is shortened, you can customize the link by clicking on the three-dot icon to the right of your shortened link and click on “Custom Link” from the drop-down menu

You will be directed to an interface that allows you to customize your link.

You can first create your own custom link if you want to change the fingerprint. This is totally up to you.

Then, click on “Interstitial Pop-Up” on the sub-navigation to your left of your screen.

Here is where you setup your Interstitial Pop-Up.

Currently, we have 5 different types of pop-ups that you can choose from. (We are going to be adding more in the future and if there are any specifics or suggestions you have, definitely share with us inside our Facebook Group!)

Type #1: Button
Type #2: Banner (300×250)
Type #3: Banner (728×90)
Type #4: Central Banner
Type #5: Link

You simply choose the one that you desire and follow the easy to use interface to customize your pop-up. If you are looking for recommendation, we love the Central Banner as it acts as a website takeover!

Step 4. Share Your Link & Monetize

Once you got your Interstitial Pop-Up enabled, you can now share your short link through your social media channels, emails and any other communication methods you use with your customers and followers.

NOTE: If you are looking to create a Facebook post and also run Facebook Ads with our Interstitial Pop-Up, we highly recommend creating your branded domain. So instead of doing free advertisements for us to showcase short link, you can use your own name and domain.

Our Interstitial Pop-Up is only available to our Growth and Pro plans and within the Growth and Pro plans, you are able to use your own domain for branding purposes over ours. We once again highly recommend using your own Branded Domain to build your brand presence rather than ours. To learn about how to use your Branded Domain and for a setup tutorial, click here now.

Step 5. Create A Remarketing List From Your Link (Optional)

As we said earlier, you can further monetize your effort by dropping a pixel from Facebook, Google, AdRoll and Bing to create a remarketing list to those who visited the specific article you shared. This will allow you to remarket a direct response ad to these customers who read the article you share to further monetize from them.

We hope that you enjoy this article and see the endless opportunities that are made available to you through our state-of-the-art feature, the Interstitial Pop-Up.

The sky’s the limit and don’t let your creativity limit you on how you use our Interstitial Pop-Up.

We would even love to hear on how you are using our Interstitial Pop-Up. Do not hesitate to share them within our community inside our Facebook Group.

We are also open to suggestions on what features you would love to see inside and we will do our best to prioritize them for you.

‘Till next time!

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