URL shorteners have been around for quite some time now. From large corporations to small online businesses, every marketer uses URL shorteners to share their content on social media. But what exactly drives them to use shortened links instead of the old traditional long URLs?

In this article, you will discover the advantages of using URL shorteners like Tiny, and how it is beneficial to social media marketing.

What is URL shortening?

URL shortening, or otherwise known as link shortening, is a common technique on the World Wide Web in which a URL (link) is purposely made substantially shorter but still direct to the required page.

There are many URL shortening services out there, to name a few, Bitly,,, and TinyURL. All of them provide the basic function of shortening your links, plus additional features that vary between each software. For example, has A/B testing and conversion tracking, while Bitly does not.

Benefits of using URL shorteners

  1. Make your links more manageable and share-friendly
  2. Many advertisers like using shortened links on Twitter because it has a maximum of fitting only 280 characters in a single tweet. If you’re using a long URL in your tweet, the character space will run out fast.

    However, shortened links are not limited to be only used on Twitter. You can use them on any social network like Facebook, YouTube, emails, or even blog because they make your links more manageable and share-friendly. Just imagine, which of the following is easier to share? This: Or this: Shortening your links is proven to increase your shares and improve CTR by at least 25%.

  3. Track and measure social media ROI
  4. A lot of businesses rely on URL shorteners to see how well a post is performing based on how many clicks the URL in the post received. For example, Tiny provides valuable information like conversion tracking, in which you get to know whether a sale was generated on the customer’s first click or last click.

    Tracking your click performance will help you understand who your customers are and how you can use this information to optimize.

  5. Finetune your social media marketing strategy
  6. Once you’re tracking and measuring your link analytics, you can immediately start to look for ways to improve the results. By monitoring the impact of different social networks and marketing campaigns, it allows you to clearly see which strategy is performing the best.

    Tiny even has an A/B testing feature where you can split test your links to see which one resonates best with your audience. You’re getting the best bang for your buck by segmenting your links.

  7. Cut marketing costs and control everything in one place
  8. Instead of purchasing multiple software just for different marketing tools, URL shortener services like Tiny includes other useful features besides making your links shorter. Features like A/B testing, real-time analytics, and conversion tracking gives you the full control that you need while managing all your links in one easy-to-use platform.

    Tiny also has a 404-error feature in which it can monitor your links 24/7 to avoid any downtimes for your business. You’ll be instantly notified with the error so you don’t have to waste time and money advertising a post with an URL that doesn’t even work.

  9. Customize your links
  10. When you customizing your links, you set yourself apart from others by looking clean and professional. By using URL shorteners like Tiny, you can customize and brand your links for marketing purposes. For example, you can change a shortened URL from this: to this:

    Tiny is currently working on a feature that allows marketers to change the entire link, even the domain name. Stand out from the crowd by personalizing your links.

  11. Improve your SEO with your shortened links
  12. Because URL shorteners like Tiny allows you to customize your links, you can take advantage of this opportunity to include specific keywords in them. For example, if the niche of your online store is fishing, you can change a shortened URL from this: to this: Keywords play a significant role in driving organic traffic to your website.


There are many benefits when it comes to using URL shorteners. From tracking your link activity to increasing traffic, URL shortening is something that no marketers would want to miss out on. Make sure you take full advantage of this opportunity in your social media marketing as well with Tiny!

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